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Antinous THE GAY GOD

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. McKellen (Gandalf, kdyby jste nevěděli). John Nettles (inspektor Barnaby). John Barrowman. George Michael. Sir Elton John. Mark Gatiss. Ale to už jsem zabrousila do přítomnosti... Alexandr Veliký. Hadrian (římský císař) a jeho Antinous.

Nevyvezeš-li do Medarda hnůj, tož ti přes léto na dvoře hartá...

British Museum launches gay history guide. Hadrian is said to have "wept like a woman" when Antinous (r) drowned in the Nile

Homosexualita : definition of Homosexualita and synonyms of...

Definitions of Homosexualita, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Homosexualita, analogical dictionary of Homosexualita (Czech). Gay Crusaders (Homosexuality : Lesbians and Gay Men in Society, History and Literature)

Antinous - Untold London

09 June 2012. The bust is from Rome, Italy AD 130-140 and represents the emperor Hadrian’s young lover Antinous. . By John McCullough, commissioned for Write Queer London 2012. Gay history: now in verse

Stejnopohlavní sexuální styk – Wikipedie

↑ Kristina Zdara: Is gay really gay? : A homosexual/heterosexual quality of life comparsion, B. A. University of Central Florida, 2003, Spring Term 2005, magisterská práce. ↑ Encyklopaedia Britannica: Antinous

Antinous AND THE Stars

ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits and reactions, and our unconscious gay selves. Where Hadrian the Sun acts, Antinous the Moon REACTS.

Hadrian | Aedicula Antinoi: A Small Shrine of Antinous

Posts about Hadrian written by aediculaantinoi. Antinous the Lover Arrives…But, It May Not Be “That Kind Of Love”…

Fixed Star Antinous

The STAR OF ANTINOUS rules all homosexuals, and its position in a Natal Chart says much about the Astrological Nature of a gay person.


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